Resident Tree Guide

Mary’s Woods residents connectedMary's Woods Guide to Trees and collaborated through a true love and appreciation of the land’s natural beauty and rich history to create Mary’s Woods Guide to Trees. Celebrating life, nature, and genuine connections.

Three residents share their “Why Mary’s Woods” perspective:

Kareen – Mary’s Woods Resident since 2020

Mary’s Woods beautiful setting along the banks of the Willamette River captured my interest immediately. The myriad of walking paths invited me to explore the lush landscaping and canopy of towering trees that define the campus and convinced me that, here, I would find like minds, those who value living in an environment of beauty and for whom being good stewards of the land are of paramount importance.

As Chair of the Landscaping and Gardening Committee, I now serve my community by advocating for a beautiful, ecologically healthy landscape. Another resident and I lead spring and fall tours featuring the many historic and significant trees at Mary’s Woods, and we developed an accompanying guide.

Alvi – Mary’s Woods Resident since 2019

A family connection brought me here, but the beauty of Mary’s Woods and the spirit that beauty embodies made me love the place. I have only been here four years, and in that time my appreciation of what the women who founded the original community created continues to deepen. Their commitment to respecting and protecting the environment makes this a remarkable place.

This is also a place rich in possibilities for meeting and connecting with people who share your interests and for broadening those interests.  As a member of the Landscaping and Gardening Committee I joined Kareen in organizing a Mary’s Woods tree tour, which led to fall and spring tree tours, then to the creation of the Mary’s Woods Guide to Trees.

The tours, of course, lead to meeting more people with similar interests.  Caron joined in the tour presentations, which led to some great walks and good reading. This place is beautiful on many levels.

Caron – Mary’s Woods Resident since 2018

I wonder if the SNJM Sisters, upon seeing this property for the first time, with its forested areas and orchard, immediately had the feeling that “This is it! The right place for our new home!”

I imagine that many of us, as did I, upon seeing Mary’s Woods for the first time, with all its many and varied trees, also felt that “This is it! The right place for me to call home!”

I’ve been at Mary’s Woods since December 2018. On my many walks around the greater campus, I would try to identify trees and plants new to me by using the Seek app by iNaturalist. Other residents would see me around campus and ask me to tell them what I knew about some of the trees and if I would show them around.

Alvi is a friend to whom I was introduced soon after my arrival. As she and Kareen began to develop their tree tours, I asked if I could help with some “show-and-tell” props that I had put together. They generously invited me to join them in support of their presentations.

Take a Tour – Get the Guide to Trees

Mary’s Woods Guide to Trees – created by Alvi, Kareen, and Caron – residents who help celebrate and honor the land that is so very special to Mary’s Woods.