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Mary’s Woods Testimonials

Take it from those who know us best

The most honest reviews come from those with firsthand experience. Here’s what some current residents have to say about living at Mary’s Woods.

There are so many reasons why we chose to live at Mary’s Woods: The great, competent and caring staff; cordiality of residents; and the fantastic campus with forests, open areas and wildlife. Then there is the delicious and healthy food, great activities, and calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Provincial House. Mary’s Woods is truly a wonderful place to live!

Vic & Pauline Christiansen

Mary’s Woods is a true community, a caring one where we’re nurtured in every respect. While my husband and I didn’t really come here to make new friends, we have done just that. We’ve encountered a number of new lifelong learning opportunities too. Plus, we just love the beautiful, peaceful campus.

Carolyn Snow

After looking at an even dozen retirement communities, Mary’s Woods easily rose to the top! After moving in, it quickly became very evident that the choice was the very best I could have made. From the beautifully landscaped campus and abundance of available activities, to the facilities and the various services, including dining that can easily compete with the very best, I’m convinced a better choice simply wouldn’t have been possible for me! But what makes it all work for me are the people — a friendly and happy service staff at all levels, and a delightfully spirited and welcoming group of fellow residents that makes it seem like I’m at home and in the midst of a warm and happy family. I love Mary’s Woods!

Paul Gulyas

When I decided it was time to start looking for a retirement community, I started shopping about two years before I made my decision. After visiting other locales, I kept comparing them to Mary’s Woods. Mary’s Woods had a warm and friendly feel wherever one went on campus. Some of the others had a hotel feel about them; glitzy, plastic and no warmth. The more times I visited Mary’s Woods, the more convinced I was convinced that this was it – my new home! I also love the fact that it’s a very diverse, non-denominational environment, and everyone is made to feel welcome and at home. I moved here in 2009, have never regretted that decision and, at times, wish I had moved in earlier!

Now I am part of the Mary’s Woods family and am enjoying every minute of it. The warm feeling is still there and maybe a bit stronger!

Ray McGovern

The thing I love most about Mary’s Woods is the people! I have made several special friends here, and the support from everyone when needed is so wonderful. I enjoy sharing myself and my art-work with those who need a gift of love.

Donna Brinati

When my wife, Evie, and I moved to Mary’s Woods eight years ago, it was the best decision of our lives. We found the complete “package” for gracious retirement living – beautiful grounds, spacious and well-planned apartments and villas, accomplished and interesting residents, a well-managed, financially secure company and a wide variety of diverse activities. Aging can present difficulties, but Mary’s Woods offers us a positive, secure and comfortable way to spend our senior years.

Greg and Evie Hadley