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5 Best Independent Living Services and Amenities to Know About

Newly retired and exploring independent living options – what an exciting phase of life you’re in! Since you’re looking for the ideal independent living lifestyle, it’s important to understand how independent living can truly benefit you. Then, once you start narrowing down your search, pay close attention to each community’s unique independent living services and amenities. 

Independent senior living at Mary’s Woods is a village of possibilities that exceeds standards for convenience and comfort, offering an abundance of opportunities to grow, explore, and continue to pursue all the parts of life you love most. 

In knowing what you want, you can make a confident decision you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Considering Independent Living? The Benefits Are Vast.

Without question, independent living is a huge decision, but it’s a decision that can deliver so many life-enriching benefits.

Most independent living communities have become a retirement haven for seniors who want flexibility and peace of mind. They’re designed for the active, independent senior who wants to simplify their worries of home maintenance, commuting, safety, social isolation, and health.1

Just some of the many benefits of independent living include: 

  • Thriving independent living community
  • Spacious and beautiful apartment homes and villas 
  • Maintenance-free lifestyle 
  • Socialization
  • Friendly neighbors
  • Delicious chef-prepared meals
  • Wide array of independent living services and amenities 
  • Cultural and recreational activities, events and trips
  • Concierge service
  • Wellness and fitness services
  • Security
  • Easy transition to assisted living or higher levels of care

Top Independent Living Services and Amenities to Review

When considering which independent living options best suit your individual needs, it’s important to think about what you want now as well as what you think you’ll need in the future.  

Every community has some services and amenities, but sometimes it’s a very short list. The best communities offer a wide variety to satisfy everyone. If you have one or more communities in mind you’re considering, be sure the services and amenities you really care about are available. Here are five areas to highlight:

  • A Variety of Housing Choices 

Residences  can vary in shape, aesthetic, and appliances, which is why there are so many designs, styles, and sizes of maintenance-free living spaces to choose from. 

You can choose to live in a bustling setting full of activities all around, or in a beautiful, wooded area for easy access to peace and quiet. That’s why taking the time to visit potential communities to see housing options and the grounds to get a true sense of how you feel there or how you like those options is imperative.5 

  • Achieving the All-Inclusive Lifestyle 

The opportunity to enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle is one of the primary reasons older adults decide to move to an independent living community. Be sure to choose a community that offers services that include regular housekeeping and all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the community should also provide 24/7 security and an emergency response system for every resident.2

  • Ways to Increase Health and Fitness

It’s much easier to keep up a regular exercise routine with independent living amenities such as a fitness center and swimming pool on-site. The senior living community should provide opportunities for you to work on your fitness in both group exercise classes and one-on-one with a professional trainer. In addition, if you like exercising outdoors, find out if the community has walking or cycling trails to get you in your element.4

  • An Assortment of Dining Options 

You eat two to three times a day at least, so diverse food offerings are an essential element when choosing a senior living community. Not only should you ask to sample the food and talk with residents about it, but you should also check out dining venue options to see if they offer adequate variety. 

From restaurant-style dining to a grab-and-go bistro/cafe to a full-service lounge, having options is important. Checking the dining plans and menu options allows you to make sure they meet your tastes, dietary needs, and individual preferences.3

If you love rolling up your sleeves to cook a culinary masterpiece, independent living is suited to meet those desires. Independent living at Mary’s Woods provides you access to a full kitchen, allowing you to cook, bake, and sauté your way to fine dining any night you choose. 

  • Salon and Spa Options 

Everyone can enjoy a day at the salon or an afternoon sitting with friends at the barbershop. Having these services available to you within the community provides access to this sort of pampering anytime.3 

  • Continuing Care 

Continuing care services allow you to have a plan just in case you need easy access to assisted living, memory care, residential care or rehabilitation services in the future. 

Choosing an independent living community that offers different levels of care provides incredible peace-of-mind where you can receive person-directed care without having to search for a new facility as your needs change.

Mary’s Woods Offers All the Best Independent Living Amenities and Services 

As Oregon’s premier independent living community, we believe retirement is the perfect time to take advantage of life’s opportunities while you keep growing personally.

Our residents enjoy a variety of independent living services and amenities that keep them as busy or as relaxed as they want to be each and every day. 

Contact us today to schedule a tour so you can see for yourself.