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The Importance of Spirituality As We Age

The Importance of Spirituality for Seniors For seniors, spirituality and spiritual wellness often take on greater meaning and importance. Older adults participate in spiritual activities at a higher level than any other age group. For them, aging well and spiritual wellness go hand in hand. That’s why many choose to live in a community that …

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10 Springtime Crafts for Seniors in Assisted Living

The poets call it the sweet season of delight. Yes — spring is the time when everything comes back to life. When sunlight, warmth, and the fragrance of new vegetation and the sounds of songbirds fill the air. We all embrace the feelings of spring, no matter our age. That’s why springtime crafts for seniors …

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Signs You Found the Right Assisted Living Community

You’ve decided assisted living may be the right choice for you, or for someone you care about. You like the idea of maintaining an active, independent lifestyle, with support on hand in case of a health event. You’re making a list of assisted living facilities to consider. But how will you go about choosing the …

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