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How Senior Living Communities Promote Health and Wellness

Life expectancy in America has continually increased. In the 1800s, average life expectancy was only 35 years, but this has more than doubled to nearly 79 years in 2019. Medical improvements, better diets, clean water and sanitation, and wider access to education programs such as senior wellness are the reasons for these extra years. The …

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Mary’s Woods Board of Directors Names James Arp, Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of Mary’s Woods is pleased to confirm the appointment of James Arp, MHA, MBA as Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, James will be responsible for managing the overall operations of Mary’s Woods and positioning the organization for long-term success.  His work will include communicating effectively with the Board, residents and employee …

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Finding the Right Apartment Size for Seniors

If you’re like thousands of seniors who’ve decided to spend less time and money on home upkeep and more time doing the things they love to do, you’re probably considering an independent living community like Mary’s Woods. But unlike all the other times you’ve house hunted, you don’t have to plan for a growing family, …

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How to Choose an Independent Living Community

Choosing a retirement community is a big decision. But if you’re already thinking about it, you’re ahead of the game. Some people put off making a decision until a health challenge necessitates a move. That’s usually a bad idea because a place may not be available at their preferred community, and they may not qualify …

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This project was made possible by customers participating in PGE’s Green FutureSM program through the PGE Renewable Development Fund. With the generous support from PGE’s Renewable Development Fund, Mary’s Woods has installed solar panels on the roof of the O’Neill Building, allowing us to bring 84kW of clean energy electricity to the Mary’s Woods community …

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