2018 Author Series

April 11: Susan Troccolo, The Beet Goes On

2pm in the Auditorium
A Gift of Friendship … If you’ve ever wrestled with the realities of growing older, fallen into a funk after a health scare or struggled to grow your own vegetables, Susan Troccolo’s The Beet Goes On, is for you. Troccolo’s wise and hilarious essays are like taking a road trip with your best friend. This book has it all: aging with moxie and humor, reflections on friendship, and what it means to be human.




May 8: Dr. Tracy Prince and her daughter Zadie Schaffer, Notable Women of Portland

3pm in the Auditorium
The story of Portland, Oregon, like much of history, has usually been told with a focus on male leaders. This book offers a reframing of Portland’s history–starting from 10,000 years of Native American women, to pioneer women, to women of the Progressive Era, WWI, WWII, post-war women, and chapters on Women in the Arts and Women in Politics. The women chronicled here made Portland what it is today. 




June 18: Timothy Boyce, From Day to Day: One Man’s Diary of Survival in Nazi Concentration Camps

2pm in the Auditorium
Hailed by The New Yorker as “among the most compelling documents to come out of the war,” From Day to Day is a World War II concentration camp diary—one of only a handful ever translated into English—secretly written by Odd Nansen, a Norwegian political prisoner. Arrested in January 1942, Nansen, son of polar explorer and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen, was held captive for the duration of the war in various Nazi camps in Norway and Germany. Nansen’s diary entries detail his palpable longing for his wife and family, his constantly frustrated hopes for release, and his horror at the especially barbaric treatment reserved for the Jews. The diary brilliantly illuminates Nansen’s daily struggle, not only to survive, but to preserve his sanity and maintain his humanity in a world engulfed by fear and hate. Retiring in 2014, Timothy Boyce practiced law for many years, most recently serving as the Managing Partner of the Charlotte, NC office of Dechert LLP, a global law firm with offices in 14 countries. He holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of Finance, and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He received a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. 

July 18: Antoinette Kennedy, Far From Home

2pm in the Auditorium
Antoinette Kennedy is a 1970 graduate of Marylhurst College and a former teacher at St. Mary’s Academy. She will share an author talk on her memoir, Far from Home that will be published in April, 2018. Antoinette grew up in Eastern Oregon and at the age of 18 entered Our Lady of Angels convent in Portland. Her memoir explores the choices that led her to a religious life and caused her to remain a nun for 24 years in a life to which she says she was “so ill-suited.” She has taught at the elementary, high school, and university levels and worked with Native American and homeless populations. She lives in Portland with her dog, Angel.



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