What Is Spiritual Care At Mary’s Woods?

What Is Spiritual Care At Mary’s Woods?

September 9, 2019

What is Spiritual Care?
Spiritual care is ministry that attends to a person’s spiritual and religious beliefs and ways of making meaning. Spiritual care is an integral part of healing and wholeness, connecting you to inner sources of strength and well-being.

What do Spiritual Care providers or Chaplains do for residents and their family members?
Members of our Spiritual Care team are present to comfort, console and provide emotional and spiritual support. They provide deep sacred listening to anyone in emotional or spiritual distress. Conducting a spiritual assessment allows the chaplain to identify your needs, concerns, hopes and resources and to determine appropriate actions to support you in your path towards wholeness.

Do I have to be religious or attend church to benefit from Spiritual Care?
We minister to individuals of all faith traditions, and non-traditional spiritual practices, enhancing use of your unique spiritual resources and helping you to find courage, hope and meaning.

How are Spiritual Care providers trained?
Mary’s Woods has set the highest standard for the members of our Spiritual Care team and in that you can trust the care that they will bring to you and your family. A Master’s Degree in theology or divinity is the minimum requirement to provide Spiritual Care in this community. Beyond that, a Board Certified Chaplain has completed a rigorous course of study and thousands of hours of supervised clinical practice, a course of study known as Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

How do I arrange to meet with a member of the Spiritual Care team?
Call the Spiritual Care office at 503-675-2445 or stop by our offices and we will set a time to meet with you.