Sharing the Vision for the Good of All

Sharing the Vision for the Good of All

The search for new ideas remains at the forefront of our community

August 2, 2018

Employee education and training is an investment that strengthens staff but, more importantly, improves the services and offerings for residents at Mary’s Woods. Training made available through a conference sponsored by Leading Age Oregon, a statewide association of not-for-profit and other mission-directed aging services organizations, inspired Wellness Program Manager Corrina Stellflug and Community Life and Resident Services Manager Jessica Harvey to go to the next level to strengthen services for residents at Mary’s Woods. After hearing about best practices from “Garden Spot,” a top-notch faith-based CCRC community outside of Philadelphia, Jessica and Corrina reached out to learn more.

The Garden Spot team invited Jessica and Corrina for a site tour where they met with their counterparts in wellness and resident services. They returned with plenty of ideas and inspiration, all for the benefit of residents at Mary’s Woods. “One of the great things about CCRC’s is an eagerness to exchange ideas for the common good of older adults across the country,” said Jessica.

“It is important for us as an organization to learn from the best and expose our staff to ideas and best practices from other successful communities,” said Diane Hood, Mary’s Woods CEO. “What Jessica and Corrina learned and observed will be shared at Director meetings and passed through from there to staff and teams across campus. We are innovative and are open to new ideas, always.”

Taking inspiration from a successful program at Garden Spot, Corrina created a Wellness Wheel that specifically reflects the Mary’s Woods 10 Dimensions of Wellness. It is a helpful tool that gauges the current state of your wellness. Best of all, it’s simple to use! Simply rate (on a scale from 1 to 5) how you feel you measure up in each dimension. Low scores indicate areas where you might seek improvement. The tool also includes contact information for staff who can support you in your growth.