Mary’s Woods Launches Car Share Program

Mary’s Woods Launches Car Share Program

March 3, 2015

Mary's Woods CarWe are pleased to announce that we will fully implement the Mary’s Woods Car Share Program beginning on March 9, 2015.  This start date will provide Mary’s woods with the window of time to allow for the distribution of information about the program and provide for the opportunity for residents who wish to continue or to begin to participate in the program to meet the driver eligibility requirements.

By way of background, we initiated a pilot car share program last summer.  The purposes of the pilot program were: to enhance alternate transportation options for MW’s residents; to reduce the number of automobiles on our campus; to provide the opportunity for residents to reduce their transportation costs; to enhance the availability of point to point transportation for residents; and to provide car share availability within the Portland metropolitan area.  We received a small electric vehicle (EV) from Toyota, in partnership with Enterprise, for the pilot.  While the vehicle had some mileage limitations it was suitable for the pilot.  Toyota decided to reclaim the vehicle last November.  In the meantime we continued to work with Enterprise through the lease of the Nissan Leaf EV.  During the pilot period we were pleased to see usage of the EV grow.  During the past four months the usage has range from 70 to 94 hours with the vast majority of the usage coming from residents.

We are pleased to have been able to obtain a lease for a Chevrolet Spark (EV) at a very reasonable price which should allow MW’s to fully cover the costs of leasing and maintaining the EV within the lower levels of present usage.  It is a comfortable four door vehicle with a charge range of 88 miles.  This range will support its usage as a vehicle to provide low cost transportation within the metropolitan area.  The EV will be available to all residents who meet the driver eligibility requirements, including a valid driver’s license, evidence of a safe driving record (Motor Vehicle Record), proof of personal vehicle insurance and no restrictions that prohibit driving.  We will request a voluntary contribution from residents who drive the EV at $5.00 per hour, with per hour reductions for longer usage.  Mary’s Woods will administer the EV project.  This means that we will provide the orientation to EV usage, maintain documentation of driver eligibility, schedule EV usage, document receipt and return of keys, provide maintenance and receive the voluntary contributions for use.  Mary’s Woods will schedule regular marketing and orientation sessions for resident EV usage.

We are very pleased with the support of the MW’s community during the car share pilot.  We did not extensively market or recruit participants as this was a pilot to determine program feasibility.  As we implement and monitor the EV program we hope it will help you address your transportation needs in both a fiscally and environmental sustainable manner.


Thank you,

Marvin Kaiser, Mary’s Woods CEO