Mary’s Woods and Providence Health & Services Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration

Mary’s Woods and Providence Health & Services Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration

March 27, 2015

Mary’s Woods and Providence Health & Services are pleased to announce a
groundbreaking collaboration which will bring innovative and convenient
health care services to the Mary’s Woods campus. This includes the introduction
of new services, additional medical equipment and cutting edge technologies
to significantly improve access and health care delivery to you.

During the last 14 years, Mary’s Woods has garnered national attention as a leader
in the field of aging. We have accomplished this, in part, by placing emphasis
on expanding premier health, wellness and education services to our residents,
both on and off-campus, and by embracing technology. Our partner, Providence
Health & Services has been recognized for decades as a national and regional
leader in quality, excellence and innovation in health care. Teaming up with
Providence is just another way we are constantly expanding our services to you.

What began in the mid-1800s, when a small group of Sisters of Providence,
followed by a group of Sisters of the Holy Names, left their convents in eastern
Canada to spread health, wellness and education to pioneers in the rugged
Pacific Northwest Territories, has led to this important collaboration of health
and wellness services that benefit you.

A close relationship through the years between the Sisters and their religious
communities has paved the way for this new partnership between Mary’s
Woods and Providence Health & Services. You might say our partnership has
been more than 150 years in the making. We like to think so. By expanding
medical services on our campus, and embracing 21st century technology, our
collaboration can best be described as a Partnership for a Better YOU!


Dave Galt, Board Chair

Marvin Kaise, Ph.D, CEO

Diane Hood, COO/CFO

Sr. Roswitha Frawley, SNJM, Mission Director