Bringing Senior Living into the Digital Age

Bringing Senior Living into the Digital Age

June 24, 2015


Aging comes with its challenges, among them having easy access to healthcare and finding timely information to improve the daily life of seniors. Thanks to the latest in cutting-edge technology, overcoming these challenges is easier than ever.

In March, the Mary’s Woods technology team introduced a Resident Portal to the 400 plus seniors living on campus. The portal is an internet-based news and information system that coordinates the flow of information through a single source. It includes daily updated information on news, activities, announcements and menus to the residents and staff. The information also feeds to the Mary’s Woods TV Channel, available to all residents from the comfort of their rooms, and to several newly installed digital boards located in Provincial House, the Wellness Center, the Marie Rose Health Center and at two campus restaurants.

“The result has been an increase in the quality, timeliness and quantity of information flow,” said Rob May, Chief Technology Officer at Mary’s Woods. “We currently have close to seventy residents signed up and using the portal on their computers, tablets and phones, and we are constantly looking for ways to increase the active user base.”

“In May, we were pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Providence Health & Services,” said Cheri Mussotto-Conyers, Director of Marketing at Mary’s Woods. “This includes the installation of a state-of-the-art telemedicine kiosk in the Marie Rose Health Center, where residents, via teleconferencing and an onsite nurse, can get immediate consultations with doctors and other medical resources for health-related issues.” The program is scheduled to begin this summer. Complementing the kiosk system, residents will also have medical consultation services thru the computers in their homes.

Future technology plans include expanding access to Mary’s Woods services. “We want to offer more web-based means for residents to communicate and stay up-to-date on what’s available to them at Mary’s Woods,” added May. “We also think it’s essential for family members who are monitoring their parents or grandparents at Mary’s Woods to have easy web-based access to information that might help them monitor a loved one’s health and livelihood.”