Blood Drive Launched

The Need is Constant The Gratification is Instant

October 6, 2015

Give BloodEvery two seconds in the United States someone needs blood. Volunteers who donate blood through the American Red Cross get the satisfaction that comes from knowing they may have helped save a life. The American Red Cross invites you to help save lives by donating blood at our first Mary’s Woods Blood Drive on November 5 from 11am – 5pm in the Auditorium. Schedule your appointment in the sign-up sheet area.

Blood is a perishable lifesaving product that can only come from volunteer blood donors. Many people falsely assume that other people will donate, that blood will always be there when needed. Unfortunately, less than 38 percent of the American population is eligible to give blood, and only a fraction of those people actually do.

Blood products are used for patients with cancer and other diseases, premature babies, organ transplant recipients, and accident and trauma victims. Importantly, volunteer blood donors provide the only source of blood used for transfusions.

For more information about eligibility, call the American Red Cross at 1-800/REDCROSS or visit or contact Janice McGuire in