A Partnership of Compassion

A Partnership of Compassion

July 12, 2017

When at-risk senior Oregonians needed someone, Mary’s Woods answered the call for help Loneliness. Social isolation. Lack of resources. Medication management. Just a few of the many challenges faced by Oregon’s at-risk senior population who in years past have struggled to age with dignity.

It’s been a year since Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA), a nonprofit organization which provides affordable housing options for fixed-income seniors, and Mary’s Woods Home Care Services, a provider of services to help adults age in the comfort of their homes, formed a unique partnership to address the growing problems faced by older Oregonians who struggle to make ends meet.

“While NHA provides a modest home, our Home Care Services program offers a subsidized array of services meant to enrich their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being,” said Megan Thompson, MW Director of Home Care Services. “These services include housekeeping, personal care, cooking, and nursing.”

The Home Care team also organizes various life enrichment activities, ranging from emergency preparedness seminars to healthy cooking demonstrations, and offers other resources such as Home Health options.

“We’ve seen ongoing improvements in the well-being of individuals who live in NHA housing,” added Megan. “It makes our work so satisfying.” Learn more at homecare.maryswoods.org