A Celebration of the Intergenerational Spirit

A Celebration of the Intergenerational Spirit

Reading Mentor Program Helps Kids Blossom

June 21, 2016

mw3Armed with books and a mission to improve their reading skills, young readers from St. John the Apostle Catholic School (SJA) have been visiting Mary’s Woods during the last academic school year to read with resident mentors. Along the way, the young readers and mentors exchanged personal stories about their lives and developed fun relationships.

The Mary’s Woods Reading Mentor Program is an example of the intergenerational spirit that thrives at Mary’s Woods. From helping kids with vocabulary words to simply offering an interested ear, and an older person to talk to, MW’s reading buddies play an important role in the development of young minds.

“The impact on our students has been amazing to watch,” said Mary Haluska, Vice Principle at SJA. “Thanks to the Mary’s Woods mentors, some of our kids are really blossoming because of the extra attention.”

Haluska added, “The students put into practice the motto of the school that they hear every morning, which is; to be Christ like, be safe, be responsible and be respectful.”

Janice McGuire, who manages the program, was pleased with its success and looks forward to working with next year’s group of mentors. “Our resident buddies are very caring, loving and dedicated to the program,” she said. “They really take the time to listen to and give undivided attention to the kids.”

Marilynn Taylor, who co-manages the program, agreed. She enjoyed her involvement with the SJA students. “The kids are great and they really love coming to Mary’s Woods,” she said. “They tell me that they want to live here when they get old.”

Last month, young readers and their buddies celebrated the inaugural event by participating at a weekday mass in the Mary’s Woods chapel, which was followed by lunch and an ice cream social in the Mt. Hood dining Room.