Resident Testimonials

In their own words

Find out what residents have to say about their decision to move to Mary’s Woods.

My wife and I have lived here very happily for over twelve years. Our outside interests have allowed us to experience other CCRCs and are convinced that we live in the premier community.

- Alan W.

My wife and I moved to Mary’s Woods in 2009 as she was showing signs of dementia. She passed away in 2017, but had 6 good years enjoying all that Mary’s Woods had to offer, which is much.

The staff here helped me through the last difficult years and were generous with their time; I never felt I was alone as my acquired neighbors and friends were my support.

In 14 years I’ve never had a day of regret for moving to Mary’s Woods.

- Ray M.

We have been here 18 months. Before we moved to a retirement community, I considered it “throwing in the towel”, admitting we were old and used up etc., but we could no longer manage taking care of our home and yard.

Once here, I wondered why we didn’t do this sooner.

So many upkeep tasks in our old life that were becoming harder and harder because of both our age and the economy, are taken care of here.

- M M.

My wife and I moved to Mary’s Woods two months ago, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We have been welcomed by many of our neighbors and feel part of the community already. All of the staff have been consistently warm and friendly as well. Whatever apprehension we had about moving to a retirement community has been erased by our good fortune in finding such a wonderful new home. The grounds are stunning. Enjoying the beautiful landscaping on the many walking paths has been a treat for us. And the food has been great. 

- Pat M.

My husband and I explored every long-term care community in the area and Mary’s Woods was our first choice  and remained so for the 5 years before we arrived.  I cannot imagine living anywhere else that would better suit me at this time in my life. I have come to appreciate even more the caring staff in all areas of the facility. The fact that a large number of residents are from medical, legal and other professional backgrounds says it all.  From this group of diverse individuals life-long friendships have evolved.

- Rie L.