View of the Mary's Woods from the Willamette River in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Board of Directors, Resident Representative

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham serves on Mary's Woods Board of Directors as a Resident Representative.

Chris and his wife Cindy moved into Mary’s Woods in 2019. He served as a member of the Residents’ Council for 2 years (2020-22) and is the Past President.

Chris grew up near Chicago, went to college in Indiana, and graduate school in Iowa where he completed a Master’s degree. He then earned a Ph.D. in experimental psychology at the University of Oregon Medical School (now OHSU), followed by undergraduate teaching at Indiana University and postdoctoral research at Yale.

He returned to OHSU as a faculty member and spent his 43-yr academic career teaching medical and graduate students, and conducting basic research funded by the National Institutes of Health in the field of behavioral neuroscience. He participated in faculty governance at OHSU, serving on the School of Medicine Faculty Council and the OHSU Faculty Senate (including a term as President). He also provided administrative service as an interim department chair (4 years) and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the School of Medicine (5 years). He also served as a member of the VA Research Foundation Board for 15 years. He retired from OHSU as Professor Emeritus in 2020.