Mary's Woods apple orchard and view of the historic Provincial House.

Mary’s Woods Resident

Gold Medallion Legacy Circle

John, a former member of the Mary’s Woods Board of Directors and a dedicated member of the Gold Medallion Legacy Circle at Mary’s Woods, left an indelible impact on this community, as well as the various neighborhoods, organizations, and universities where he was actively involved.

A firm believer in the true essence of citizenship duty.

Mary's Woods donor story recap

John was known for his keen eye for detail, a smile that illuminated any room, and an unwavering can-do, let’s-fix-it attitude. He transformed communities for the better wherever he made his home.

Born in the bustling streets of New York City in 1933 to recent German immigrants, John’s story is one of resilience and devotion to fostering a strong and interconnected community. Surviving against the odds as a premature baby in a time when medical care for infants was limited, John’s early years were shaped by the care and love of his mother. Growing up in a modest flat near Central Park with a bathroom that wasn’t big enough to hold a sink, John embraced the cultural treasures of the city, finding inspiration in the Museum of Natural History, the Hayden Planetarium, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art – all within walking distance and, notably, free of charge.

Guided by parents who valued education, John’s journey led him through 12 years of Catholic school and eventually to the State University of New York College of Forestry, where he thrived thanks to the then-free tuition. In a twist of fate, he met Mary through the Newman Club, sparking a love that lasted over 66 years.

In Oregon, where he and Mary settled, John became a cornerstone of his family, a devoted father attending every band concert and school musical. His commitment wasn’t limited to family matters; John’s volunteerism knew no bounds. A regular blood donor, church lector, Eucharistic Minister, Boy Scout troop leader, and a fee-free Notary Public for his neighbors at Mary’s Woods, John exemplified the philosophy that “a strong community is built on the gifts that people give freely.”

John’s legacy reminds us that a thriving community is indeed built on the gifts that people share selflessly. His story is one of kindness and dedication to the betterment of those around him. Mary’s Woods celebrates the life of a true philanthropist and member of Mary’s Woods Gold Medallion Legacy Circle. His contributions, both large and small, have left an indelible mark on the fabric of the community, shaping the present and future for the people of Mary’s Woods.


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