Mary's Woods apple orchard and view of the historic Provincial House.

Provincial House Resident

Resident Fund Champion

Caron Campbell, Mary's Woods resident and Resident Fund champion.

Caron calls herself a “legacy resident” of Mary’s Woods.

“I learned about the concept of a CCRC from my mom,” Caron says of her mother, Levonne, who moved to Mary’s Woods in 2013.

Accompanying her family to an open house several years ago, it didn’t take Caron long to appreciate what Levonne saw in Mary’s Woods – the beautiful, accessible grounds steeped in history, the engaged community, and equally important to Caron was the nonprofit status and mission statement that underscore it all. She was sold, as were her sister and brother-in-law, who now also call Mary’s Woods home.

Before picking up the keys to her Provincial House apartment, Caron spent much of her life in service to others and uplifting the vulnerable. In her 20-year career as a nurse midwife in the Seattle area, she worked with underserved women, often immigrants, in some of the most fragile times of their lives. Her work reinforced her commitment to helping others, in whatever way she’s capable.

Now, each year on the anniversary of receiving her apartment keys, Caron gives a gift to the Resident Fund. She says she’s fortunate to be able to do so. “I promised myself I’d do it every year I live in my apartment, because if I ever have to move somewhere else, who knows, I might be the one needing my own donations!”

“I also want to acknowledge the deep contentment I feel here. My cozy apartment is truly a haven.”

Caron has been shaping her own legacy over her lifetime. Whether it’s providing comfort to a Ukrainian first-time mother by speaking a few words of her language, or supporting the Resident Fund in hopes of giving families a sense of dignity and security, it’s clear Caron lives out her values in every way she can.

Caron’s commitment to and gratitude for her community are what allow her to build on the legacy she moved in with. It’s a way for her to honor the place she, her mother and her sister have lived, and to show that her values align with those of Mary’s Woods.


Residency Fund gifts offer a safety net to the Mary’s Woods community in a time of need.