Director of Human Resources

Lynne Michaelson

Lynne has more than 30 years’ experience in Human Resources senior management in both public and private organizations. She served as Operations and HR Manager in a major retail store and, upon relocating to Portland, joined a company of 35 employees that during the first ten years of her employment grew to over 7,000 in locations throughout the United States. She left that company as Senior Vice President of Human Resources after 18 years of facing the myriad challenges Human Resources presents in a period of major growth and development. Her work history has afforded her a broad range of experience in all aspects of the Human Resources field of responsibility, including recruitment and staffing, benefits, classification and compensation, training and development, policy development, employee relations, information management, and leadership and development. She has a clear understanding of the challenges of the position and is innovative and creative in finding solutions. Lynne came to Mary’s Woods in July of 2014 as a contract employee to work on some HR projects, and has served as Director of Human Resources since December 1, 2014.