Tribute Giving

As our neighbors and friends at Mary’s Woods leave this life, it is a comfort to know they will be remembered in some way. By making a gift of any amount in memory of a Mary’s Woods resident, you remember the importance of their life, and you provide solace to those who are left behind. Tribute gifts benefit the Resident Fund, which assists residents who have outlived or exhausted their financial assets. Tribute gifts of any size can be made through online donations or in the donation boxes on campus.

Celebration Garden

Located near the front entrance of the Provincial House, the Celebration Garden honors and remembers special people in our lives, and is a place of peaceful retreat, as well as a symbol of the beauty and compassion that abounds in our caring community.

The garden’s centerpiece is a row of three tree panels, commissioned by local artist Brian Rooney.  Brian designed the trees to be a slowly evolving sculpture. The Corten steel used for the trees was chosen because as it ages, its appearance becomes enhanced through the weatherization of its patina, but the structure remains untouched──much like we all experience changes in our physical selves over time, but our basic core remains unchanged.

The stainless steel for the leaves, which hold the names of special people, reinforce the idea that many of our individual memories remain untarnished and fixed; they may be as fresh today as they were 50 years ago (or may be years from now).

Holiday Luminaries

During the holiday season, the Provincial House glows from the light of holiday luminaries. Each luminary represents the life of a parent, child, sibling or special friend. Honor them and let their light shine! Each year, it is touching to see so many remembered and celebrated.

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