Employee Education Fund

All employees at Mary’s Woods are a vital part of our community. This fund provides support for continuing education and skill development opportunities to ensure that employees maximize their potential as well — professionally, personally and as leaders in the wider world. Donors supporting this fund help provide advanced training and tuition subsidies. A subset of this fund is the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Fund. Because of donors like you, we were able to provide 39 education scholarships in 2018, and strengthen our services and health care teams.

Sr. Roswitha Frawley Educational Scholarship Fund

Designed to support Mary’s Woods employees and their families, the Sr. Roswitha Frawley Educational Scholarship program provides increased access to education in an expanded way. In addition to those pursuing a traditional four-year degree, the program highlights those wishing to attend training programs, trade schools, or pursue other forms of education, extending scholarship opportunities to include them.

The fund, established by the Board of Directors in honor of Mary’s Woods former Vice President of Mission Integration, Sr. Roswitha Frawley, promotes staff satisfaction and retention.

Sr. Roswitha Frawley loyally served our community for 19 years prior to her retirement in early 2021. During her tenure, she worked diligently to aid residents and employees in understanding the rich historical roots, values, and mission of the Holy Names Sisters, who established Mary’s Woods in 2001. She sought to broaden our notion of education and training, and reinforced the concept that many forms of educational pursuits are worthy of supporting.

Scholarships from this fund are available to team members, their legal spouses/partners, or their dependents under the age of 23, to help further their career goals. Priority consideration is given to diverse applicants, those who have overcome adversity, and those considered economically disadvantaged. In addition to tuition fees, funding can be utilized to offset tutoring support, technology, books, and other essential expenses related to one’s studies.

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